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Friendsheep Released for iOS and Android mobile phones

Honkbark Studios has released their first game Friendsheep. It's about supersheeps. If you want to see screenshots and movies from the game you should proceed to the Friendsheep website.

Or install it on your iOS or Android device.


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Latest posts from the developer blog


Recently a game called TimeWise was released by Brickstack. We here at Honkbark Studios was hired to help them with development questions. In the game TimeWise you can challenge your friends in a quiz about time – When did an event occur? Play one on one or team up and put your knowledge to the […]

Orbit around focused GameObject in Linux Mint

To orbit around focused GameObject when running Unity on Linux mint you might need to change the Special key to move and resize windows setting first. The keyboard shortcut to use orbit in Unity3D is Alt+Left mouse button. However that Alt key is by default set to be used for moving windows on Linux Mint […]

Fiddling with Virtual Reality

We have been fiddling with some Virtual reality over at Spot On.  We’ve been building an environment in Unity3D to jump around in with the HTC Vive. In the last blog post we told you we are not dead. In this post we want to shed some light on what we are up to; experimenting with […]

We’re not dead

It’s been a long time since you saw any signs of life from Honkbark Studios. But we are alive and currently working on how to finance the next game. Nothing much more to say for now.  

The working dead

We are back on track with a new game project. The Title track for this game is already written. You are welcome to take a look at the first sneak peek from the game we call The working dead.  

Friendsheep has reached 500 downloads

Hi! Thank you everyone who has downloaded and played Friendsheep! We have reach 500 downloads! And that is far more then we expected when releasing this game. Since we consider it our Hello , World! of the gaming market. Programmers will understand what hello, world! is, others could read up on it on wikipedia. If […]