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Alpha testing on Google Play

Alpha testing on Google Play

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So it’s time for the first input from other players. Google Play has tools that will help us with this.
This is how Honkbark studios tests Friendsheep.

1. Log in to the developer console and click on All applications and Add new application.


2.  Select a Default Lanuage, a name and click Upload APK.


3. Now it’s time to fire up Unity3D and get your game ready for some alpha testing.
Go in to the Player settings in Unity and scroll down to the Publishing settings.


Check the Create New keystore checkbox
Click browse keystore, and store this on a path where you can find it later.
Fill in required values in the window that pops up
After finishing that window select the Key you just created in the alias dropdown.

4. Go in to the build settings, select android platformDisable Development build, and click build. Save the apk where you can easily find it.


5. Go back to your browser and click the ALPHA TESTING tab and click on upload your first apk to Alpha.


6. When the upload is done we get some more options in the console. Click on manage list of testers.


7. For the next step you need to have a group on Google+ where your alpha testers are members. The url of this group is what you type in the Add Google Groups or Google+ Communities textbox.
Exampleurl: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/<commynityid>?hl=sv


8. Before publishing the app we need to set a price, and add some icons.

Go trough these menus and add images and set a free price. Im using placeholders as images, as i don’t have any completed icons or screenshots at this time.


9. Next click on the publish button. This may take a few hours to complete.  Since we only uploaded an alpha apk the game won’t be public for anyone else than the testers on Google Play. But to complete we need to send the url of the app to them. This can now be found when clicking on the manage list of testers as shown above. The tester can then follow the link, log in with their Google-account and install the alphatest apk.

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