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Friendsheep beta version 2

Friendsheep beta version 2

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The Friendsheep beta version 2 was released last week. There was a lot of changes to the graphics in the game. The image above is a screenshot from that version. This version is the result of 30 very friendly people that tested the game and gave their feedback.

This is a list of updates to this version:

* Added more dirty words to the bad word filter of the highscore list :)

* Added background mountains that parallax scrolls.

* Scrolling ground foreground.

* Added the new logo of honkbark studios.

* The fences will now fall down if hit.

* Changed color of tap icon on start screen.

* The game is now easier in the beginning, and gets harder in different stages. instead of really hard from the start :)

* Added menu item so you can see the tutorial again.

* Changed the layout of the tutorial

* making text larger on ad/buy screen

* moving clouds to background

* sharper menu icons

* removing icon and replacing with text on share button

* leaderboard order is changed so that if you reach a score first, you will stay first instead of having other players being listed before you even if they reached the same score after you.

* Changed the icon of the menu

* Changed loading text of highscore

* Can’t add empty names to the highscore anymore,

* Fixed grainy animation on the blue sheep.

* Decreasing number of game objects that is preloaded to less.


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