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Friendsheep beta

Friendsheep beta

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Hi there people! The Friendsheep beta is open for registration. And your help is appreciated. Friendsheep has been under development since January 2015 and is now closing in on release. Therefore it’s now time for a beta test to get some input from more players.

To register for the beta just add your name, email and platform in this form.
(The sign up is now closed)

A few days after you’ve registered and the registration has ended you will receive an email from Honkbark studios with instructions on how to get hold of the beta.

In return for your kindness your name will be added in the thank you section of the game.

Friendsheep is a mobile game that will be released on the Android and iOS platform. The plot is about two sheep, who are friends, that needs to be fed clovers. And that is your objective. But it’s not as simple as it sounds…

Here’s a screenshot from the game:


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