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Videos from Friendsheep beta 1

Videos from Friendsheep beta 1

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The work with friendsheep continues every week. This post contains two videos from Friendsheep beta 1 version of the game.

The first video is a gameplay video. You get to see how the game works. You see the current seven different difficulty stages. Or maybe six, i think i die before the last takes place :)

You play it as two sheeps. You steer one with your right thumb, and the second with your left thumb. To make progress in the game you must collect scores, or clovers, or else they will die and fall of the screen. By tapping on the screen you add force to the two sheeps and you must steer them in the direction of these scores.

The game takes the mission of collecting scores to another level since you have to collect two different scores at a time. So you have to become good at multitasking.

Many players testing the beta has said it was to hard in the beginning, so i’ve listened to you and made it easier.

The game gets harder over time. In the video above you can see them. But i won’t give them away, it’s for you to discover when the game is released :)

The second one is a video of the tutorial part of the game.

If you miss any clovers the sheeps will die, if you collect a blue score with the red sheep they will die, and likewise with the blue sheep if it collects a red score.

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